Cloud Office Supplies is a large business based on the very beautiful Gold and Tweed Coasts. We are a part of the very elite group of ASA Australia which helps provide the most competitive prices across the board to you predominantly in Australia, but also overseas. The owners and staff of Cloud Office Supplies are very passionate about the office supply industry and will do all they can to reach out to you and help you with your stationery and office supplies requirements. Nothing is too little or too much for Cloud Office Supplies!

If you wish to read further about the history of Cloud Office Supplies, please continue to read...

The owner of Cloud Office Supplies is Marty Bate. He was born into office supplies when his parents owned and operated a newsagent in Brisbane. His parents moved from the newsagency into a commercial office supply business. Throughout this time, Marty worked full time with them, building it up to a major player in the industry. Also throughout this time, Marty explored and completed a bachelors degree in Nursing and then Nursing Informatics. He decided to leave the office supplies industry for a bit and see if nursing in the perioperative arena was just as fulfilling.

Five or six years later, and 2 post graduates, Marty came back to his office supplies beginnings with partner (and wife to be) Renee and purchased their very own run down business which was ripe for growth. After a year of servicing their growing customer base as Office National Tweed (and ensuring that the customer came first), they purchased a warehouse three times the size they were in.

Growth on growth continued, and I can still remember the day I got my first pallet of stock in the early days and I felt so 'big'. Now, it's not uncommon for us to receive one to five pallets of stock a day and I am now (2012) taking container loads of paper per month!

Meanwhile as we were growing, Marty and Renee started a family and Renee took on position as full time Mummy. We are now both very proud parents to two daughters, Ava (2009) and Lillian (2011).

Moving forward, the rise of ecommerce came about and Marty was feeling the need to expand onto the online realm. In late 2011 & 2012, he started with DymoOnline, ZionsOnline, PoscART and AveryOnline which was met with very favourable review and showed exceptional signs of growth. On 1st July, 2012, Marty's company was invited to join the very elite and prestigious office supplies group ASA Australia and so Cloud Office Supplies was born and will aim to meet the same positive result as the previous online stores and be the big stationery cupboard in the sky for everyone.

So reach to the sky for your office supplies and think Cloud!